Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Feeder

In order to promote the development of Guangdong Vibrating Feeder industry, in 2014, the Pearl River West Bank advanced Vibrating Feeder industry industrial belt started construction. In this regard, Qu Xianming that the way to the city group, the Vibrating Feeder industry as a new growth point and an important industry to bring development, "This is a good idea.

Vigorously Develop High - End Vibrating Feeder Industry

From the characteristics of the Vibrating Feeder industry, relative to the Pearl River West Bank "six cities and one district", located in the east coast of Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou is more information industry-oriented, is biased towards the export-oriented economy group. The Pearl River West Bank of the "six cities and one district" is more to private Vibrating Feeder manufacturers, endogenous economy-based urban agglomeration.

"Such an endogenous economy of the urban agglomeration, itself has the Vibrating Feeder industry's industrial base, assembled to develop itself is the ability, but also conditions to develop." Qu Xianming said. In particular, the Pearl River private economy, in the past, mainly by virtue of "three to fill a" way to cut into the global industrial chain. "Private enterprises and more, at this time is an advantage." He believes that private Vibrating Feeder manufacturers according to their own transformation needs, will directly lead the development of Zhu Xi Vibrating Feeder industry.

"The city group can not do one thing alone, and every city should seize its own characteristics," he said. "He believes that in promoting the development of inter-city dislocations," he said. "The government can do more guidance."

While doing the dislocation of the urban groups at the same time, Qu Xianming stressed that Guangdong should pay attention to the development of high-end Vibrating Feeder industry.

"If compared with the communications equipment industry, the development of Guangdong's Vibrating Feeder industry is actually late." Qu Xianming said that as early as 2010, he was in the research information industry in Guangdong, found that many Vibrating Feeder manufacturers are foreign device of. "If you want to develop a new generation of information equipment, equipment can not keep up, naturally will affect the development of the industry."

To this end, he stressed that the Guangdong manufacturing to upgrade, including the industry to upgrade, must upgrade the equipment, "which requires Guangdong to vigorously develop high - end Vibrating Feeder industry.

"In the future, Guangdong in the development of Vibrating Feeder industry, to get out of a Chinese equipment with their own industry road." Qu Xianming said, such as ceramics, home appliances and other industries, some giants in the use of intelligent manufacturing transformation of their own factories at the same time, through the transformation of the factory To form their own experience, and then use the experience of these devices to serve the peer.

"In Guangdong, we have seen such a trend." Qu Xianming said that the appliance industry, for example, including the United States, Gree and other enterprises to speed up their own factory intelligent manufacturing pace at the same time, also began to enter the robot industry. "In the future, Vibrating Feeder manufacturers are expected to lead the manufacturing sector in Guangdong, from export products to output services to the transformation of the road."