Sand Washing Machine

Sand Washing Machine

As the world's largest developing country, fixed asset investment at this stage has always been an important driving force for China's economic development, and Sand Washing Machine industry investment accounted for continued to improve. In 2007, China's fixed assets investment in Sand Washing Machine industry (excluding farmers) was 354.77 billion yuan, 2016 years, reached 1878.36 billion yuan, the average annual compound growth rate of 20.34%, the growth rate is much higher than the growth rate of GDP over the same period. Over the past decade China's Sand Washing Machine industry fixed asset investment accounted for more than 30%, ranked first in all industries. In 2016, the domestic fixed asset investment structure is as follows:

Analysis on Market Demand of Sand Washing Machine Industry in China

As a variety of consumer electronics products and automotive precision parts of the important production equipment, Sand Washing Machine in the tide of consumer upgrades will usher in a new industry growth point, into the rapid growth period.

First, The "Made In China 2025" Strategy Will Bring Huge Demand For The Development Of The Sand Washing Machine Industry

May 8, 2015, the State Council officially issued the "Made in China 2025", to guide the industrial structure adjustment and Sand Washing Machine industry upgrading and implementation of the first three years of manufacturing strategy program.

High-end equipment is the basis of the transformation of Sand Washing Machine industry, in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of Sand Washing Machine industry, the Chinese government to vigorously promote the development of high-end equipment industry, introduced a series of industrial policies. March 2016 issued the "People's Republic of China's national economic and social development of the thirteenth five-year plan" in the "high-end equipment innovation and development project" column, "(four) high-grade Sand Washing Machine" pointed out: " , High-speed, flexible Sand Washing Machine and basic manufacturing equipment and integrated manufacturing system.To enhance the reliability, precision retention as the focus, the development of high-end CNC systems, bearings, grating, sensors and other key functional components and key applications ";" "Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot, Robot Technology in various fields. "

Therefore, a new round of industrial restructuring and upgrading will be an advanced Sand Washing Machine industry to replace the traditional Sand Washing Machine industry, this transformation and upgrading will greatly increase the industrial machine as one of the high-performance Sand Washing Machine update needs.

Second, The Import Substitution Market Has Great Potential

China's high-end Sand Washing Machine started late, high-performance products rely heavily on imports. From 2013 to 2015, the domestic Sand Washing Machine demand increased rapidly, the number of imports increased year by year, 2014, China imported Sand Washing Machines 14,836 units, 2015, reaching 18,584 units, an increase of 25%.

With the increasing strength of China's science and technology level, the overall strength of China's Sand Washing Machine industry will gradually increase, the product grade will be from the current low to mid-range upgrade to meet the growing domestic demand for high-grade Sand Washing Machine. At the same time, due to the current import grinder in the product customization to the after-sales service process also has a lot of problems, limiting the manufacturing industry chain order response speed, and cause domestic grinding machine user production and cost pressures. Therefore, China's Sand Washing Machine industry, the process of import substitution is imperative.

Without considering the incremental demand brought by consumer upgrades and the update requirements brought about by the transformation and upgrading of the Sand Washing Machine industry, according to the General Administration of Customs statistics, in 2015, the total amount of Sand Washing Machine imports in China was US $ 3 billion, About 50% of imported equipment on the replacement rate, the future of China's Sand Washing Machine industry will add at least $ 1.5 billion per year of market space.

Third, Industrial Transformation And Rising Labor Costs Boost Industrial Automation Upgrade

China's economic structure of the "thrust", changes in population structure caused by labor shortage and Sand Washing Machine industry employment costs rise "Rally" and industrial policy support "catalytic force" is to promote China's huge Sand Washing Machine industry to upgrade technology, system optimization , The production line renovation, and the traditional industrial technology transformation, factory automation, enterprise information needs a lot of intelligent equipment and integrated manufacturing system, the potential market is huge.