Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine

Implementation of the "Made in China 2025" policy

"Made in China made 2025" is the wake of the development of China's Sand Making Machine industry, but also to promote the development of China's Sand Making Machine industry from the past platform to a new platform, we used to pursue the scale, we have long said that the scale of the expansion of the old road , The future we go is to improve the quality of the road, so "Made in China 2025" on the development of China's Sand Making Machine industry is a milestone event, is a node event.

Germany "industry 4.0" and the new concept of endless, if the understanding of the future of the Sand Making Machine industry development of China's Sand Making Machine industry development and demand of two angles, the first is the demand, from the current manufacturing development point of view, our Sand Making Machine Industry development is facing some new demands, highlighting the efficiency, time and flexibility in terms of efficiency Our Sand Making Machine industry urgently demands to improve our energy efficiency, resource efficiency, eco-efficiency and productivity, and in terms of time we are now innovating Cycle in a substantial increase, we used to say that the production of a product research and development, this product is a blockbuster, we can sell in the market eight to ten years, sustained profitability.

The Sand Making Machine industry is now facing a significant increase in the cycle of innovation. Innovation is now a fast iterative innovation, not a long-term silence in the past, and our demand for technology to productivity is getting higher and higher, so we To be efficient conversion, at the same time we open up the innovation and cooperation, not as in the past as alone. To increase the Sand Making Machine industry's soul, because we face the terminal needs to speed up the upgrade, we used to wear tunic, and now who wear, everyone's clothing are pay attention to personality, since to meet the individual needs, our business The Sand Making Machine industry is going to be flexible and able to achieve rapid refactoring according to our external changes. Flexible refactoring is our requirement.

Mobile Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, large data, and so the new technology in the Sand Making Machine industry which infiltration and integration of the infiltration and application, in fact, Sand Making Machine industry is only accelerated change, the main direction of change is the digital, network, intelligent , We made these three in the "Made in China 2025", but we sometimes only understand the intelligence, but here we want to emphasize that we must be digital, network, intelligent, three collaborative. Digitalization is the basis of our realization of intelligence, the essence of the physical model of the machine product model, digital, virtualization, network is the platform, our network is the core of intelligent development platform for the Sand Making Machine industry a new productivity copolymerization Production relations, build a platform, the network platform is the core content of our digital, that is, our data. Intelligent is our direction is to create a more advanced form of automation, through the integration of digital and automation, based on large data analysis and decision-making to achieve our current rigid automation to the future of flexible automation, our industrial 3.0 automation is rigid automation, Is pre-defined to be immutable automation, and future automation is a flexible automation that can be adjusted in real time.

The development of the Sand Making Machine industry is emerging as a new key word, such as five, data, intelligence, service, integration, customization, etc. We are proposing new overall layouts around our current demand for Sand Making Machine industry development. The core goal of the development of the core industry is to improve quality and efficiency. The five basic principles are innovation-driven quality. The core line is the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and Sand Making Machine industry. The main direction is intelligent manufacturing. Overall guidance we put forward nine tasks five major projects, ten key areas and major decisions. I think we will promote the future of China's Sand Making Machine industry from big to strong, the core path is innovation-driven plus four upgrades. Innovation to technological innovation and model innovation in line with the four upgrade is intelligent, green, service and quality.

Innovation-driven point of view of our core, the current urgent need to speed up the establishment of collaborative and efficient Sand Making Machine industry innovation system, China is not without innovation, but our overall innovation system performance is significantly lower, we have a lot of scientific and technological achievements each year , The Ministry of Science and Technology statistics of more than 30,000 scientific and technological achievements each year, but can really transform only 10%, a large number of scientific and technological achievements exist patents, papers, evaluation of our front-end links, many difficult to transform into the real productive forces, so our Sand Making Machine What is an urgent need for the industry is how to improve the effectiveness of the entire innovation system, which includes our main capacity building, we have a number of innovative technology-oriented Sand Making Machine manufacturers.