PF1214 Impact Crusher Manintaince

PF1214 Impact Crusher Manintaince

As long as machinery and equipment, use a long time will fail, failure is not terrible, terrible is that users do not know how to repair, do not know how to deal with failure, and therefore grasp repair methods commonly used equipment is very important. PF1214 Impact Crusher is very practical, is widely used in various industries crushing operations, although the device is usually not prone to failure, but occasionally there will be this or that problem, the following are some maintenance for the majority of users PF1214 common methods of Impact Crusher.

In the back-breaking operation, the card is encountered when the material into blocks between PF1214 Impact Crusher counterattack plate and plates and shells, the operator can adjust the gap between the rotor and direct counterattack board. Therefore, when the above problems, the operator should first stop the operation of equipment, and then re-adjust the distance between the rotor and the back plate, to ensure the material was normal until the whereabouts of the state can be. After adjustment, if good counterattack efforts to reduce discovery, you can gently beat rod, so that the gap PF1214 Impact Crusher automatic adjustment between the rotor and the back plate to enhance the strength of the counter-force.

When faced with back-breaking high temperature bearings, operators need to find out the reasons for bearing temperature is too high, and resolve. First check PF1214 Impact Crusher grease has not decreased, under normal circumstances, the amount of grease should be kept half bearing of a solvent. Secondly, we must promptly clean bearings, bearings ensure clean. If the bearing is subjected to severe wear, the user needs to formal PF1214 Impact Crusher bearing manufacturers to buy and replace.

In production, find product size becomes larger, the operator must immediately stop inspection plate hammer wear, avoid rotor worn. Once PF1214 Impact Crusher board hammer due to wear and tear, you need to adjust the 180 & deg; later re-use, so that we can ensure that the weight of each plate hammer to maintain balance and avoid the phenomenon after PF1214 Impact Crusher boot, there vibration.

These are the Impact Crusher work, the more common problems and solutions, we hope to be able to grasp the actual production wish, PF1214 Impact Crusher will certainly encounter many other faults, which requires the user to grasp the lives of some of the more common faults and solutions , so not only can reduce the failure rate can shorten repair time. The final recommendations of customers, the need to replace equipment, accessories, be sure to go to regular PF1214 Impact Crusher manufacturers to purchase, to ensure quality accessories.